Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The first step to creating a lush, thriving garden is having the best LED grow lights for starting seeds.

With one in your gardening kit, you can give plant starters plenty of nutrition to become hardy and proliferate throughout their growth cycle.

The best lights will give your seeds the best chance of germination.

There are dozens of LED grow lights to help seed growth, whether you want a small indoor tea garden or to begin lettuce seed starters.

Let’s explore five of the top-rated lights you can get your hands on.

Comparison Chart

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LBW Full Spectrum 150W LED Floor Plant Light for Indoor Plants
GooingTop LED Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp
41qH5Y4L2wL. SL500
Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants
51XTCI0HvdL. SL500
FRENAN Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants
51tkUINDdVL. SL500
EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Best LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds Reviews

1. LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light

41OZ2QSlawL. SL500

The LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light looks different from the lamps reviewed in this guide. However, it could be one of the best options for an assortment of plants.

With adjustable features and a tall tripod stand, it can be helpful at all stages of plant growth.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at the best features of the LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light.

  • Adjustable Tripod

The package includes a tripod you can extend from 15 to 48 inches as needed.

Also, the lamp features a gooseneck that can easily be twisted and turned, directing the light in the perfect direction.

  • Full Spectrum Lighting

Like many other high-quality grow lights, this model features full spectrum lighting between 390nm and 730nm.

You will have white and red/blue visible light to boost the growth of your seedlings and mature plants.

There’s also plain white light, which can also make this lamp a good option for reading light.

  • Energy Efficient

Saving money on your garden can be great with energy-efficient lamps like the LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light.

It only draws 30W of power, which is excellent for reducing your energy bills. Moreover, it offers a brighter light optimal for vegetable seedlings.

What to Like About It

The LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light is an excellent option if you need bright light to support your plants through all growth stages.

It benefits seedlings, as the wider bulb offers full-rounded light for optimal growth. Also, it’s much brighter than expected.

What Not to Like About It

A concern with this light is that the tripod isn’t of the highest quality.

It can rust when spritzed with water, and you may find that it’s not too stable when assembled.


  • Supports all growth stages with visible light
  • Offers plenty of light for seedlings
  • Easily adjustable spectrum settings
  • A much brighter light than expected


  • The tripod rusts easily
  • The tripod isn’t too stable

2. GooingTop LED Grow Light

The GooingTop LED Grow Light is a space-saving LED grow light system with a built-in clamp for simple assembly.

Designed with red and white LEDs, you can customize the lighting your seed starters need.

Also, they are some of the best lights to consider because of their additional high-tech features like timers and dimmable settings. 

Product Highlights

Let’s jump into the highlights of the GooingTop LED Grow Light.

  • Red and White LEDs

Instead of settling for a plain white LED grow light, the GooingTop LED Grow Light offers red and white lighting.

Each bulb has 10 red and 74 white LEDs, offering 6,000K brightness.

It’s designed to emulate full-spectrum sunlight, giving your plants the ideal brightness for growing.

  • Color Rendering Index

It is one of the best models to consider if you are searching for a grow light you can for multiple jobs.

Its versatility makes it the perfect solution for a reading light, with a color rendering index up to 95.

Additionally, it’s flicker-free, giving you a comfortable reading experience. 

  • Built-in Timer

Setting a timer for your seedlings is a great way to maintain control over their growing patterns.

For that reason, these lights come with integrated timers with memory functions.

Depending on your preference, you can set the timer for four, eight, or 12 hours.

What makes these timers unique is that they are also circulatory.

So, if you set an eight-hour schedule, they will turn off and on as needed based on your specifications.

  • Easily Installed

Another impressive feature of the GooingTop LED Grow Light is the positioning of the lights themselves.

These come with a gooseneck and clamp, making them easy to attach to shelving, desks, or bedside tables.

The gooseneck is highly flexible, allowing you to point the light at the ideal angle for your seeds to grow.

  • USB or AC-Powered

Depending on where your seed starters are, you can choose to use these grow lights with AC power, like most standard appliances.

Alternatively, you can power them via USB, which can be helpful for portability.

What to Like About It

In theory, the GooingTop LED Grow Light is an effective light for plants because it is easy to mount onto your growing system.

Its thin and compact design keeps them lightweight.

Plus, it has quick brightness adjustments, so you’ll find that it works particularly well with plants that do not require plenty of light.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant concern with the GooingTop LED Grow Light is its brightness, which might not be adequate for seed starters.

Also, the lamp necks are short, making them challenging to place.


  • Very easy to mount
  • Quick brightness adjustments
  • Assists with significant plant growth
  • Thin and compact


  • The lamp necks are shorter than expected
  • It might not be bright enough for seed starters

3. Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

41qH5Y4L2wL. SL500

Instead of investing in a mountable light, the Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants is a great alternative.

To set up these light bars, you simply attach them to the wall or under a shelf to project light downward onto your seeds.

Available in purple and white, you can customize the type of lighting your plants receive.

Product Highlights

Let’s get into the best features of the Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants.

  • Auto On/Off Timer

Setting a timer on your grow lights is the best way to create a schedule for your seed starters.

With this light, you can set timers at two, four, and eight hours.

After choosing the settings, the lights will automatically turn on and off based on your chosen cycle.

  • Four Brightness Levels

The Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants features four different brightness levels.

You can dim them to 25, 50, 75, or 100 percent based on your plant’s needs at all stages of growth.

  • Red and Blue LED Lighting

If you opt for the purple strip lighting, you will find a combination of red and blue lights.

Each bulb works with an internal chip that projects the perfect light level with less atmospheric heat.

  • Easy Installation

You can attach your new lights to your grow system in multiple ways.

The Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants arrives with screws, ties, and double-sided tape.

Plus, its compact design makes it incredibly easy to install relatively anywhere.

  • Extended Power Cable 

One of the biggest concerns with grow lights is their cables are often too short.

The power cord is 78 inches, which should be more than enough length for most beginner gardens.

What to Like About It

The Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants is most helpful for already established high-maintenance plants as supplemental light.

Its easy-to-use features and quick installation make it an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly light to consider.

What Not to Like About It

The Mosthink LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants isn’t the most powerful grow light we’ve seen, which isn’t ideal for standard seed tray starters.

Also, the timer only allows you to adjust it up to eight hours, rather than 12 like other lights.


  • Helpful for high-maintenance plants
  • Easy-to-use adjustable features
  • Very straightforward assembly
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • May not be bright enough for growth
  • The timer only goes up to eight hours

4. FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

51XTCI0HvdL. SL500

If you’re searching for a full-spectrum light for your garden, the FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants is a great option.

There is plenty to appreciate, with their 10 dimmable settings, three timer modes, and adjustable goosenecks.

They may also be one of the best options for seed starters.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at the highlights of the FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants.

  • Standing Grow Light

The most considerable benefit of this grow light is that it’s much larger than the others we’ve reviewed.

It features a stable tripod you can adjust from 15 to 63 inches and place anywhere in your home.

With these adjustments, you’ll find that it is an excellent light for small seed starters and large potted plants.

  • Full Spectrum Lighting

For the best chance of growth, your seeds need access to full spectrum lighting.

The FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants allows you to adjust the lamp heads as needed, supplementing missing outdoor light.

The bulbs offer a warm glow with a mixed spectrum that emulates the sun.

To adjust the spectral modes of your new lamp, you can choose from three settings: warm light, red light, and mixed light.

  • Adjustable Brightness

Another adjustable feature of these grow lights is their brightness.

The 10 brightness settings range from 10 to 100 percent, allowing you to switch the lamp’s power freely and at any time.

  • Auto Cycle Timer

Like many other grow lamps, the FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants also features an auto-cycle timer. You can choose from four, eight, and 12 hours of light.

Once set, the lamp will automatically turn off and on as needed.

What to Like About It

With all its adjustable features, the FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants is an easy-to-use lamp that beginners love.

Its blue/red light spectrum is best for growth, especially for seed starters.

What Not to Like About It

One concern with this grow light is that it might not arrive with instructions, making it challenging to assemble.

Also, the tripod is too lightweight to be placed in high-traffic areas.


  • Blue/red spectrum light significantly boosts growth
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Helpful for seed starters with boosted light output
  • Offers ample flexibility


  • May not arrive with instructions
  • The tripod could lack stability 

5. EZORKAS LED Grow Light

51tkUINDdVL. SL500

If you like the general design of the FRENAN light but are looking for something smaller, this grow light is ideal.

The EZORKAS LED Grow Light features four fully adjustable bulbs you can use for plant growth.

Also, it allows you to change the lighting spectrum to enhance your seeds’ potential.

Product Highlights

Let’s review the most exciting features of the EZORKAS LED Grow Light.

  • Built-in Timer

As expected, the EZORKAS LED Grow Light has a built-in adjustable timer. You can choose three, six, or 12 hours for optimal growth.

You will also benefit from the auto on/off cycling feature, allowing the light to turn on and off automatically as needed.

  • Versatile Combinations

This lamp has 32 red, 16 blue, and 36 full spectra LED lights, offering various LED combinations.

There are three separate modes you can choose between and five dimmable settings, so you can customize the lighting your seeds can access.

  • Four Gooseneck Lamps

The general design of the EZORKAS LED Grow Light is another impressive feature.

There are four individual goosenecks you can adjust as needed to tailor to your plants’ needs.

Also, the lamp comes with a clamp that you can affix to various surfaces, making it very portable and easy to use.

What to Like About It

The EZORKAS LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for plants if you need a lamp with easy-to-use functions to boost seed growth.

You will love the timer, and the clamp makes the entire unit easy to put anywhere in your grow room.

What Not to Like About It

The largest concern with this grow light is that it can burn plants if you don’t adjust it for the specific needs of your garden.

Also, the power cord isn’t of the highest quality and can fray over time.


  • The clamp is very stable
  • Significantly boosts seed growth
  • Easy-to-use bulb fixture
  • Helpful timer function for cool weather crops


  • Could burn cool weather crops without adjustments
  • The cord is poorly constructed

Buyer’s Guide

When you buy LED grow lights for starting seeds, you need a lamp designed to emulate natural sunlight.

Otherwise, your seedlings will never sprout and will remain leggy and stunted.

Before you start shopping for a suitable natural sunlight lamp, let’s look at a few key features.


When discussing the power of your grow lights, it’s important to consider their draw and output.

Of course, you will want lights that consume less energy, but they should also produce enough ambient light for your seedlings to thrive.

Most grow lights offer three types of power: PPF, PPFD, and spectrum. 

Spectrum lights are often better than incandescent bulbs for at-home gardens, especially for emulating natural sunlight.

You will have full-spectrum light options that allow you to adapt the light to different growth phases.

Also, these lights require LED bulbs, which are very energy efficient for ambient light.


Grow lights are designed in many shapes and styles.

You can find gooseneck, tabletop, and even full-size tripod adjustable lights.

For seed starters, you can choose a smaller light that offers plenty of brightness and coverage.

However, investing in a stronger light with adjustments can also be a good idea.

It ensures you won’t have to buy a new lamp at every stage of your plant’s growth cycle.


The brightness of your LED grow light can make or break its usefulness for growing plants from seed.

You will need a lamp that is sure to supplement the sunlight they would typically get outdoors.

However, it is also essential to have a light with dimmable settings.

The more the brightness of your light source, the easier it will be to adapt to your plants. As a result, you’ll experience considerably more growth.

Light Wavelengths

Light wavelengths are often overlooked when shopping for a growing light for garden seeds.

Although it might not be imperative initially, different wavelengths are essential for healthy seedlings.

Choosing light options with white, red, and blue LEDs can be best. 

Red LED lighting is for helping your seedling tray get the heat outputs it needs for extended fruiting and flowering.

Blue is also fantastic, as it helps boost the vegetative growth of your plant’s foliage.

Safety Certifications

As with any new appliance you bring into your home, it should meet specific standards.

Always ensure your fluorescent lights have been rated and tested. Doing this is equally crucial for incandescent light, natural light, and blue light.

Without safety certifications on fluorescent bulbs, you could be at risk for fire hazards.

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LED Grow Lights for Starting Seeds FAQs

1. Can LED grow lights burn plants?

Without dimmable features, it is quite possible for your lights for seed starting to burn your plants.

You should place the light a reasonable distance away from your tray of seedlings or foliage to prevent burning.

Also, keep a close eye on your plants after adding a new light to see how it affects their growth.

2. What is the best wattage for LED grow lights?

The best wattage for an artificial light can be anywhere between 30 to 35 watts of power per square foot of growing space.

Anything higher than that, you risk burning your seedlings; anything lower won’t help boost production.

3. What plants grow best under LED lights?

Any type of plant can benefit greatly from a LED light fixture, especially as it’s designed to resemble the sun.

With the correct settings, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and even blossoming flowers all in the same garden.

4. Are LED grow lights bad for your eyes?

As with any type of lighting, looking directly into an LED grow light could be hazardous for your eyes.

However, the indirect light shouldn’t cause considerable damage to your eyes.

Also, gardens don’t require massive amounts of LED lighting, so there aren’t concerns for eye health.

5. Are LED grow lights a safety hazard?

The biggest safety hazard to consider with your LED grow lights is how hot they get over time.

As such, it’s important to offer plenty of airflow in your growing room to prevent overheating.

Our Final Recommendation

The LBW Full Spectrum Grow Light is our choice for the best LED grow lights for starting seeds.

Its wide lighting pattern is essential for all gardens and offers plenty of brightness for seeds without burning them.

Also, it has many light spectrums to choose from, supporting your plants at all stages of growth.

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